Who are we?

We are your best friends, your neighbors, your husbands, your wives, your pastor, your teacher, your sons and your daughters.  Keep a sharp eye out when on the road so that we can get home safely.

Our Story

  • Where it all Began

Memphis Tennessee, way back in July of 1998, Rick Perry was looking for some friends to ride with.  He posted on the internet to see if anyone wanted to go riding. That started with a small handful of riders and it over time it grew and grew and grew.  The great interest in a family friendly riding club plus the growth of those participating got them to thinking “we need a name” and the Southern Cruisers Riding Club (SCRC) was born. The word spread about the SCRC and Rick, aka Rickster, started receiving calls from riders wanting to form chapters in other parts of Tennessee like Knoxville. Well he thought about it and said “why not!”   It didn’t stop there with TN.  Rickster got calls from riders in other states like Florida, Georgia, and Texas just to name a few and it just kept growing. Just think, this all started with one guy wanting to ride.   Rick Perry, aka “Rickster”, is our Founder and National President.

  • What next…

This created a brotherhood of individuals who loved riding, people with a heart of gold, and a passion for motorcycles.  It created bonds that can’t easily be broken or forgotten.  We have made many new friends along the way, seen the kindness and generosity of one another, and shared the pain of losing a friend. Some things for certain, we never regret what we have done, we never missed the opportunity to make a new friend, and we never passed the chance to help others.

Over the years, we have pulled together in every state and held rallies, special events, and home invasions/cookouts.  Many states now hold annual State Rally’s.  Every we have a National Rally where many state and local chapters come together for a fun filled weekend. Whatever event you go to you will make new friends and have something special to go home with. I don’t mean a t-shirt or a ride pin, I mean a memory you will never forget, friendships and life long bonds.

Our main purpose for our rallies is to raise money for St. Jude’s Research Hospital and other worthy charities.  St Jude is the SCRC charity of choice. The last time I checked we had donated over $2.2 million dollars to help the children and families of St Jude.  This is really incredible for a club that is free to join, has no dues, and welcomes all bikes and riders, don’t you think?

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